BBM (Berg Brand Management) is an international company which develops, produces and distributs bags. Our office is placed in Aarhus, Denmark. BBM distributes bags for the brands LEGO®, Ellehammer, Caterpillar and Merrell.

LEGO® Bags are developed and sold through an exclusive license agreement with the LEGO® Group in Denmark. The Bags are strongly represented in the European market. The target group for LEGO bags is children age 3-10 years. The key words are ergonomics, design and high quality. The collection contains school bags, pencil cases, sports bags, etc. in 6 different themes. 
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Caterpillar is an international brand which originally is descended from the construction industry. Today, Cat® is considered a fashion brand which can be found at many retailers. The various collections create a wide range of articles and are therefore suitable for all tastes.

The Ellehammer Collection contains everything from trolleys and sports bags to computer bags and toiletry bags.

BBM takes part in a very close cooperation with our sister company GROWN UP Group, who specializes in the production of quality bags. GROWN UP Group is one of the leading bag producers in the world and strives to have a well preserved focus on product development, design and quality. The company has approximately 4000 employees in their factories in China.